About UI

Our UI (User Interface) Team is an integral part of Frontier. We work with all aspects of our games to make sure our players get the thrilling, authentic experiences in every release and DLC. Our team consists of talented UI Designers, UI Developers and UI Artists. Within UI we are striving to deliver and create intuitive and responsive experiences, which connect our players in sophisticated and engaging ways throughout our rich and diverse gaming portfolio.

We invest heavily in all aspects of UI development. Each game project provides different challenges for us: big data displays, performance, animations and effects on our UIs. We use the latest technologies to create the vast amount of user interfaces for our complex games.

Within UI, we work collaboratively, each member of the team is encouraged to bring their ideas to the table and to drive each other forward to deliver quality UI experiences.

Whether you have been in the industry for a while and are looking for a fresh challenge, or you are just starting out in the games industry, UI at Frontier could be a great place to craft your skills and take your career to the next level! 

Top Tips

  • We would love to see a great portfolio with all of your best work. Make sure that the work in your portfolio is a true reflection of your abilities – be it art, iconography, clever solutions to tricky design issues or code examples to solve complex issues.

  • If you are just starting out in UI Art or UI Design, and your portfolio is not fully developed, try recreating UI from your favourite games, putting your own spin on it. Could you improve the UI in some area? This is a great way to bolster your UI portfolio and show us what talents you have! 

  • It is great having screenshots of your UI Art or UI code, but we equally like to read about it too. We like to understand why you did certain things, how you could improve your work if you had more time, if you worked in a group etc. Be sure to annotate your portfolio so we understand your process and problem solving. 

UI Jobs (2)

  • Experienced UI Developer

    Cambridge / Hybrid
  • Senior UI Designer


Meet the team


UI Developer

Hi! I’m Sandra, a UI developer. The thing I enjoy the most about my day-to-day is the variety of challenges that this role offers. Styles logic is not the same as navigation, neither is getting data to display, and so on. You get to tinker with varied systems and work closely with many different people from other disciplines, including UI designers and gameplay programmers, but also game designers, audio, QA etc.

I joined back in September 2020 as a Graduate UI Developer. Being a part of Frontier has not only started my career in the games industry, but it also means being in a friendly environment where the effort I put into my work is seen.


UI Designer

Hi! I’m Aaron, one of the UI Designers here at Frontier. I work as part of a team of UI designers and developers. We work closely with the game designers to create all the UI/UX flows needed to bring game features to life. Our goal is to develop the best possible user experience, all whilst maintaining visual consistency that fits the art direction of the project.

I started with Frontier amidst the pandemic in 2020 as a Junior UI Designer. It was my first official UI design role and my first time working for such a large studio. Frontier is known for its management games, and this is a paradise of opportunity for UI Designers. Working at Frontier has given me the opportunity to collaborate with some incredibly passionate and talented individuals across different departments, which has been invaluable in allowing me to grow and develop my own skills as a UI designer.