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About Quality Assurance

At Frontier, we focus on a high level of QA (Quality Assurance) testing for all of our games. Our QA, Build Engineering and Automation Teams have a fundamental role in our development process. They work closely with the Art, Design, and Programming teams, and a whole host of other colleagues on each project.

QA has grown over time to incorporate many aspects within Frontier, we have created teams dedicated to looking after those areas, which in turn has resulted in new career possibilities. We boast a variety of testing services, and we encourage creativity, whilst working both independently and as a team to proactively find bugs.

Our Build Engineering team innovate and improve Frontier’s build procedures, managing various builds both internally during development, and for external releases. They work with our existing continuous integration to ensure that functioning, recent builds of our games, and various tools are available to those who require them – and to make sure that the development progress is not blocked by broken builds! The Automation team design, test and iterate automated tasks ranging from the repetitive everyday checks through to complex AI-driven testing.


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