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About Quality Assurance

At Frontier, we focus on a high level of QA (Quality Assurance) testing for all of our games. Our QA, Build Engineering and Automation Teams have a fundamental role in our development process. They work closely with the Art, Design, and Programming teams, and a whole host of other colleagues on each project.

QA has grown over time to incorporate many aspects within Frontier, we have created teams dedicated to looking after those areas, which in turn has resulted in new career possibilities. We boast a variety of testing services, and we encourage creativity, whilst working both independently and as a team to proactively find bugs.

Our Build Engineering team innovate and improve Frontier’s build procedures, managing various builds both internally during development, and for external releases. They work with our existing continuous integration to ensure that functioning, recent builds of our games, and various tools are available to those who require them – and to make sure that the development progress is not blocked by broken builds! The Automation team design, test and iterate automated tasks ranging from the repetitive everyday checks through to complex AI-driven testing.


Top Tips

  • Tell us about why you’re interested in Quality Assurance and working for Frontier! Include this information in either a cover letter or via the “Additional Information” box with your application. 

  • We would also love to hear about bugs you have personally discovered, whether it be via playing Alpha or Beta sessions, early access games or personal projects!

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    We’re always on the lookout for super-talented, passionate people - if you've developed games for console or PC then we'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line at

    Meet the team


    QA Manager

    Nice to meet you! I’m Laura, one of three QA Managers at Frontier. I assist our various QA teams, ensuring they have everything they need to work effectively, whilst keeping processes consistent between teams - amongst other things. I’m also heavily involved in our recruitment and have had the pleasure of helping grow our QA Team throughout the years.

    I first joined Frontier’s QA Team (in 2013) as a Graduate Tester, working on Zoo Tycoon for Xbox 360 and Xbox 1. I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the project, and jumped at further opportunities to work on other titles such as Elite Dangerous, Tales From Deep Space, Planet Coaster, Planet Zoo, Jurassic World Evolution and more. I’ve worked in a variety of QA roles during my time at Frontier, and I’ve never stopped learning. With the diversity of games, and new challenges ahead of us, there’s always something fresh to explore and investigate!


    QA Project Lead

    I am a QA Project Lead working in the QA Team. Over my time here, I have been able to work on a wide range of projects, each with their own special requirements. My role involves coordinating our test plans to ensure all game features work together by themselves and alongside other features, assisting other disciplines, and organising team priorities, all of which goes into making our games as high quality as possible.

    I joined in 2017, and have been able to see QA and the company grow swiftly! Being in QA allows you to work closely with a wide breadth of teams and different game areas, a very exciting part of Frontier! I started as a Temporary Graduate, and have since had the opportunity to help lead multiple projects both pre and post launch. Frontier is a company that rewards achievement and is a great place to start an enriching career.