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As a self-publishing studio we’ve grown our Publishing team significantly over recent years as we’ve continued to expand our portfolio of games. Being part of the Publishing team means you could be working in Product Marketing, Influencer relations, events or PR helping to develop and implement go-to-market strategies for both Frontier IP titles as well as working with major external licence holders such as Universal, Formula 1 or Warhammer. We also have a fantastic community team who engage with and develop content for our passionate communities of players across the world.

Being located in the same studio as our developers is something our Publishing team really values as they get to work closely with the people making the games so that there is a strong feedback loop between our players and our developers. There are plenty of opportunities for personal growth and career progression, with some of our more senior members of the teams having developed their careers with us.

Whether you join the team with lots of experience or at an entry level, you’ll work with and continue to learn from some of the most talented and friendly people in the industry!

Top Tips

  • A passion for videogames is essential for a role in Publishing. Don’t be afraid to tell us what you love about games and to tell us about your experiences with Frontier’s games. We love to talk about games and hope you will too!

  • We’d love to see your creativity, so share links with us of the things you have done, such as community streams, or a piece of marketing you have created.

  • Quality copywriting is paramount in all of our roles, so show us examples of how good you are. A well-presented CV and cover-letter are essential!

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    We’re always on the lookout for super-talented, passionate people - if you've developed games for console or PC then we'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line at

    Meet the team


    Community Manager

    Hi! I’m Sally and I’m a Community Manager here at Frontier.

    As part of the Community Team I help to tap into the best interests of our player base, which in turn holds an element of support for our incredible development teams with the future planning of our fun and exciting titles. As a team we also take pride in building personable relationships with our players too, by means of live streams and social media engagement. A hub of hype and readiness!

    Working at Frontier has been a tailored wealth of experience for me over my many, varied years in industry; entering firstly into Production, adopted then by Publishing as Product Manager, before honing skills from both disciplines into my current role.

    My friends and colleagues really do recognise my strengths, no matter where they lie and have a lot of trust in my passion, how I apply myself, allowing me to support teams across the board in the development of our incredible titles. It’s only ever more and more rewarding.


    Product Manager

    Hi! I'm Rachel, one of the Product Managers at Frontier Developments.

    Each Product Manager takes care of a specific game or brand from a marketing perspective. The game I take care of is Planet Zoo!

    Being a Product Manager encompasses many things, including defining a marketing strategy and plan, preparing the briefs for the main marketing assets (including the trailers and key-art), managing the marketing partnerships, and of course overseeing the rolling out of the campaign and making sure everything goes according to plan.

    I have only been working at Frontier for eight months, but it has already been a fantastic experience! I had always wanted to work for a dev studio and I finally am in this position now. Working with the dev team allowed me to understand more about the "behind the scenes" of how a game is built, connect with more people and learn from their knowledge and experience. It also allows for more creativity and fun as we can discuss directly for some ideas for the game and also work together on all the creative and visual parts of a marketing campaign