Audio Test Engineer

Discipline: Programming

Location: Cambridge

Employment Type: Permanent

Closing Date: 26 May 2019

Salary: Competitive

Audio Test Engineer

Frontier is looking for a talented and energetic audio test engineer to join our audio team in Cambridge, UK.

This is a fantastic opportunity to join our award-nominated team delivering amazing sounds on Elite Dangerous, Planet Coaster, Jurassic World Evolution and other exciting projects. We are focused on delivering cutting edge in-house tech to push the boundaries of interactive audio.


  • Write automated tests that determine when audio features are ready to ship
  • Develop tools to replace manual workflows that increase productivity and reduce errors
  • Profile in-game scenarios to inform tests, find issues and identify optimisation opportunity
  • Create and maintain pipelines for getting audio assets into the game
  • Work closely with other developers, involved throughout the development process
  • Ensure best practices are followed around testing standards and strategies


  • Experience testing applications and / or pipelines by writing automated tests in Python (or similar language)
  • Experience developing user-focused tools in C# (or similar language)
  • Ability to write clear code
  • Strong knowledge of testing methodologies (manual and automated)
  • Creative approach to automated test and tool development
  • Experience working with continuous integration frameworks (e.g. Team City)
  • Working knowledge of game audio engines (e.g. Wwise)
  • Good listening skills and sonic awareness
  • Versatile approach to problem solving with an enthusiastic attitude to new challenges

Benefits of Audio at Frontier

  • Be part of a development studio that values audio highly as a cornerstone of our games' experience
  • Be part of a large audio team focussed on creating amazing sounds that push the boundaries of game audio
  • Be part of a code team that strives to create solid, reusable systems that deliver innovative solutions deployed across multiple projects

We are not looking for applicants who wish to work from home, or on a freelance basis.

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