Animation Programmer

Discipline: Programming

Location: Cambridge

Employment Type: Permanent

Closing Date: 30 August 2019

Salary: Competitive

Animation Programmer

We have an exciting opportunity for a dedicated animation programmer to work with our highly talented and experienced animation team. You will use technology to improve how we create animations, both in developing tools and processes, and working directly on the animation content specific to each game.

Our catalogue of games covers a wide range of requirements to fit different animation targets and art styles. We have proud history of great character animation, ranging from heavily stylised to realistic behaviours, across both cinematic sequences and realtime motion. Many of our games also feature mechanical animation and physically-driven responses, presenting many novel challenges beyond established skeletal animation techniques.

Fantastic animation will play a huge part in our future success, with games such as Jurassic World Evolution leading the way. Your passion for animation and game technology will be pivotal to delivering the quality that we strive for in all our games.

Key Responsibilities

  • Working with the animation department to deliver the animations that each game needs.
  • Expanding and improving animation technology within the COBRA engine and supporting tools.
  • Optimising the animation development processes and runtime game performance.

About You

  • An eye for animation principals and detail, helping to bring smooth, dynamic and reactive animations to our game.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with team members.
  • Good analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Ability to give and receive constructive feedback in order to strive for continuous improvement.
  • Good at managing competing demands for your time.

Qualifications, Skills & Experience


  • Advanced understanding of C++ and software engineering principles.
  • Experience developing animations systems, handling complex locomotion and naturalistic behaviours.
  • Experience creating physics driven or procedural animation systems that work alongside authored assets.


  • Familiarity with game asset pipelines and animations authoring tools.
  • Experience with profiling and optimisation for console development.
  • Track record of animation programming in released AAA games
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