About Design

Design is a vital role on any project here at Frontier, helping to pull together the work of all the other areas of game development in order to deliver a world-class gaming experience, bringing the vision of the project to life. The team is made up of two main routes:


Game Designers are involved in all stages of development, from concept to the live game, covering documentation, prototyping, layout and implementation, balancing, optimisation, and debugging. Core to Game Design is proactively working as part of a team, taking feedback from peers and leads, working closely with other departments to support their needs, and using their input to drive decision making.

We use proprietary tools based around industry norms to create unique and cutting edge experiences that other engines cannot easily deliver. Within Design, due to the complexity of our games, we have multiple focuses that our team members move between. The core aspects of Design outside of the communication (documentation presentation) and implantation of ideas, splits between technical and creative:

Technically focused covering things such as economies, systems, stats and balancing scripting and controls  

Creatively or content focused on world-building and development, scenario creation layout and execution, player direction and exposition.


Narrative Designers/Writers are integral to the world-building of our games. They bring the vision to life, working closely with UI (User Interface), Audio, Localisation, external writers and the rest of the Design team. They deliver and integrate dynamic text and dialog, alongside the systems to support it. This includes writing clear and concise instructional text within the constraints of the GUI, and outlining vast narrative campaigns. Writing dialog and character profiles for cinematic, and helping provide direction when casting.

A role in our Design team offers a huge variety of work, and the ability to support many diverse skill sets. Frontier, with its broad portfolio of authentic games, provides the opportunity to work on diverse games that all have their own unique challenges. 

Design Jobs (1)

  • Senior Game Designer