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About Customer & Technical Support

Frontier’s Support Team help our players keep their dinosaurs in their enclosures; ensure that their zoo animals are well fed and happy, and steer them back on track to blaze their trail through a seemingly infinite galaxy of stars.

We like to put emphasis on the ‘customer’ in Customer and Technical Support; treating each of our players with the respect and individuality they deserve. Whether we are answering a simple query or providing in-depth technical help, our customers can expect a swift, personalised and proactive experience from our team.

Each member of the team has a passion for gaming, and a deep understanding of the games that Frontier produces. As one of the main points of contact for Frontier’s customers, we work closely with our Development, Publishing and QA teams to anticipate potential issues before they arise or to identify and resolve emerging issues before they can become a problem for our players.

We also work alongside our Community Teams, reaching out to our players to offer assistance over multiple social media platforms. Our dedication to our player communities stretches beyond day-to-day assistance with our support of Community Safety. This requires that we carefully and sensitively investigate concerns around harassment, cheating or any other behaviours that breach our Code of Conduct or Terms of Service.

Top Tips

  • Do tell us about yourself and why you want to work for Frontier in Customer support. Tell us why you are passionate about customer service. Let us know about the games you have played and which you have loved the most.

  • Don't be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and apply if you’ve never worked within the games industry before. Customer Service is the skill we’re looking for, and it is immensely valuable in this role. The team has people that have come from a wide variety of backgrounds, such a Hospitality, Retail, Media and even Local Government!

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    We’re always on the lookout for super-talented, passionate people - if you've developed games for console or PC then we'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line at

    Meet the team


    Customer and Technical Support

    Hey there! I’m Chris, a Graduate member of the Customer Support team here at Frontier. My primary responsibilities are to deal with technical issues that our players encounter in our games, which can range from hardware issues to community safety concerns. New releases of games and expansions ensure that my work is always varied and exciting!

    I joined Frontier in 2020 and have had a positive experience since I started! Frontier have made sure I have everything I need to work both comfortably and effectively from home. I have also made use of the perks and benefits provided by the company outside of work.

    My work background is almost entirely hospitality based, starting at Frontier has been a rewarding way for me to transition into a career in a different industry. The paths to improvement within my job are very clear and I feel I have every resource I need to thrive.


    Customer and Technical Support

    Hello! I’m Tony, and I work in the Customer Support team. I support all of Frontier’s projects and their players, through our ticketing system and across our many social channels. As a team, we work closely with QA to catch up on known issues, or to report new bugs we’ve seen. I personally also keep a close eye on our Frontier Knowledgebase, a site that players can use to find technical and gameplay support.

    I joined Frontier in 2019 as a Graduate Customer Support Agent, and since then the company has grown exponentially. Being in CS has allowed me to get to know so many people across the studio, and in turn has given me a lot of opportunities to work with some very talented people. Not only this, I’ve always felt like this is a company that actually cares about its staff, and I’m very happy I’ve started my career in the games industry at Frontier.