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Frontier’s commercial team is made up of Digital Marketing, Monetisation and Platform. We are the team that focuses on highly engaging campaigns to raise awareness, educate and excite players about the range of games we produce at Frontier, and also within our third party publishing arm, Frontier Foundry.

The commercial team plays a fundamental part in the business by ensuring our players are always kept in the loop around current and future developments of the games. It’s our responsibility to ‘think outside the box’ and create digital campaigns across our titles with the goal of getting them in front of the right audiences to help generate awareness and sales, depending on what stage of the marketing cycle a game is at.

As a team we work very closely with other departments like Publishing to help create content and bring our creative ideas to life. Our commercial team is progressively growing with the goal of continuously servicing the business, by ultimately seeking to understand the consumer market and successfully monetise our games.

Top Tips

  • Tell us why you’re interested in working for Frontier! We love to hear people who are passionate about our games, our communities and our business. Don’t be afraid to tell us what games of ours you have played and what you liked about them!

  • It’s great to hear about your experience in the gaming sector and how you feel you can add value to our team. Are there examples you could provide that you feel could benefit Frontier?

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    We’re always on the lookout for super-talented, passionate people - if you've developed games for console or PC then we'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line at

    Meet the team


    Paid Social Media Manager

    Good to meet you - I’m George, a Paid Social Media Manager within the Digital Team at Frontier.

    I plan and execute various digital campaigns across our titles with the goal of getting them in front of the right audiences to generate awareness and sales.

    I work very closely with multiple teams across both Publishing and Commercial, especially in coordinating our paid social campaigns which are my bread and butter! I’ve worked on a variety of digital campaigns during my time at Frontier, and use the results of each to guide improvement and identify successful concoctions that help to generate key learnings for future campaigns.

    I love bouncing ideas around and thinking outside of the box, and when I’m not planning, setting up campaigns or analysing results, I’m diving into our games pre/post launch to identify opportunities and understand the mindset of our players and potential customers.


    Head of Digital Marketing

    Hi everyone, I’m Richard, Head of Digital Marketing at Frontier.

    My responsibilities include overseeing the Digital Marketing strategy and implementation of this across all of our titles, with the objective of increasing sales and revenue for the business. I also oversee reporting and analysis of digital campaign performance and increasing the overall profitability of our games through digital marketing.

    Digital marketing is an incredibly diverse area to work in and I love that no two days are the same.