Senior Dialogue Designer

Frontier is an established, market leading independent developer and publisher of videogames for PC and consoles. Founded in 1994, we are based in the world-leading technology cluster and historic city of Cambridge, England. With a growing team of over 750 talented people, we are passionate about creating innovative genre-leading games and authentic worlds for our communities of players.  

We have achieved serial successes across a wide variety of titles including Elite DangerousPlanet CoasterJurassic World Evolution and Planet Zoo. We are continuing to grow our team to support our existing portfolio and an exciting and ambitious future roadmap, which includes the development of both own-IP titles and licensed-IP titles. Our IP-license partners include Universal (Jurassic World), Formula 1 and Games Workshop (Warhammer).We are also growing our team to continue the expansion of Frontier Foundry, our publishing label for games developed by carefully selected partner studios. 

We have a modern spacious studio located on the Cambridge Science Park in the heart of the Cambridge tech hub. For those who wish to relocate to the Cambridge area and work either entirely in the studio or flexibly between the studio and home, we can provide generous financial and practical support to facilitate your move. We are also able to offer remote working for those who would prefer to work almost exclusively from home or who are unable to relocate. We can discuss your preferences with you during the recruitment process.   

Voice plays a vital role in the games we develop here at Frontier, bringing life, character and guidance to our engaging experiences. We are currently looking for a Senior Dialogue Designer to join our established dialogue department, bringing with them a raft of enthusiasm, expertise and imagination.


  • You will report directly to the Dialogue Manager on the organisational hierarchy
  • You will generally be reporting to the Project Audio Lead and Senior Audio Producer day-to-day for projects and will work closely with all project narrative stakeholders
  • Close collaboration and involvement with project audio, game design, writing and production teams
  • Contribute to the establishment of editorial and recording practices to be adopted by the dialogue team that are efficient and will yield sonically rich, high-quality game dialogue
  • Work alongside narrative stakeholders to forge working relationships with external writers and vendors
  • Work alongside narrative stakeholders in organising character briefs and sample scripts for casting
  • Work alongside narrative stakeholders in casting voice actors for voiced character roles and ensuring the subsequent recordings meet the requirements of the project
  • Liaise with the Localisation team to support the successful and efficient localisation of dialogue content, including ensuring the appropriate casting, mastering, engineering and creative treatment of localised files to match final original dialogue production as required on a per-project basis
  • Collaborate with internal Tools teams and coders to develop the necessary tools and optimisations for the dialogue/localisation pipeline

What you will bring to the role:

  • An advocacy for the use of progressive dialogue in games
  • The maintenance of consistent quality and stylistic cohesion for spoken dialogue throughout each title
  • A kind, friendly, positive and considerate attitude
  • Editorial authority over the writing of spoken game dialogue, as per agreement with project narrative stakeholders
  • The initiative to take ownership of games features and pillars, ensuring the creative vision is realised
  • A willingness to mentor members of the team and inspire those you work alongside
  • A desire to lead by example, always seeking to raise the audio quality bar and the user experience

We are looking for candidates who:

  • Would love to explore the possibilities that spoken voice could play in the experiences being crafted by Frontier!
  • Are inspired to collaborate in the formation and maintenance of bespoke dialogue systems 
  • Are experienced with various phases of dialogue production and post-production, including studio recording, on-site recording, editing and mastering
  • Have experience recording voice actors as well as working with voice directors and recording engineers for voice content
  • Are self-sufficient and work proactively within areas of responsibility
  • Are proficient using audio tools like Reaper, Izotope RX, etc. and the integrated use of plugins
  • Have experience implementing interactive dialogue in game engines and middleware (such as Wwise).
  • Possess excellent communication skills
  • Actively look to streamline pipelines and processes
  • Have an awareness of industry-standards for loudness across entertainment mediums
  • Experience with, or affinity to, voice direction
  • Appreciate detail
  • Are storytellers

What we can offer you

We offer the chance to work with talented and passionate people, developing and publishing sophisticated and enduring games in a creative and collaborative environment. We love what we do, and we work hard to provide outstanding experiences for our player communities. Frontier rewards this passion and determination by sharing in the company’s success and by supporting our teams to keep doing what they love.

Well-being is a big focus at Frontier and we are continually evolving how we can support our staff. We encourage a healthy work/life balance and host a range of well-being activities, initiatives and sessions to support both mental and physical health.

We offer a competitive salary and benefits package, which includes a success-based annual bonus, share option schemes, pension, life assurance, private family healthcare, flexitime working hours, enhanced maternity/paternity package, in-house subsidised catering, support with relocation, a Cycle to Work scheme and free bike servicing, and social events.

We welcome and encourage applications from qualified candidates regardless of sex, race, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity, religion or belief.

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Top Tips

  • Designer

    Link us to reels that really show your design skills. It’s fine to choose game trailers or scenes from movies and re-design them. Annotate the work you did. Show us how good you are at storytelling with audio and your attention to detail.

  • Rigger

    Our Rigger roles are quite akin to other companies ‘Technical Audio Design’ roles, where applicants will be expected to have a great understanding of audio implementation and optimisation methods in Wwise, as well as being comfortable scripting and working in proprietary, and off the shelf engine tools.

  • Coder

    We pride ourselves at having developed a powerful audio code framework that sits between Wwise and our proprietary Cobra engine, which enables us to contextualise and streamline events and other data sent to Wwise. This has enabled us to free up the audio design team to focus on artistic considerations and not have to worry quite so much about the technical constraints of a platform. It also frees up coders to focus on more interesting and technical solutions both cross-project and any unique system requirements within projects themselves.

Meet the team


Senior Sound Designer

Hello! I’m Dylan and I’m a Senior Sound Designer in the Audio team we have here at Frontier. My role involves creating and implementing sound effects for our games using a variety of different tools and creative processes. I first joined the company in 2017 and have been lucky to work on Elite Dangerous, Jurassic World Evolution and its sequel, Jurassic World Evolution 2.

It can be a very rewarding process, from researching and conceptualising ideas right at the start, to organising huge weapon recording sessions at Pinewood studios. It’s an incredibly creative role which always enables me to find interesting ways to implement audio into the variety of games we develop. As well as working alongside our audio code team, I really enjoy collaborating closely with designers, animators and VFX artists. As a very gregarious person, I really enjoy this part of my job.

The team is continuously growing and because there’s quite a few of us, we’re able to jump on different projects at different stages of development. It’s great to be part of an audio team that’s really good at sharing knowledge and ideas, giving constructive critique, and supporting each other during the development cycle.


Audio Rigger

Hi there, I'm one of three Audio Riggers and part of the larger Audio Code team. It's a very broad role and hard to specify exactly what it entails, though a lot of the work involves profiling, testing and optimisation. We often work cross-project filling the gaps between the Audio Design and Audio Code creating, maintaining and optimising systems, mainly using the audio middleware Wwise. I love how dynamic the role is, my work can change daily - I could be working on room geometry one day and hooking up music the next, before optimising and balancing what happens when 20 people are firing automatic weapons at the same time.

I started in 2019 as part of the Audio QA team working closely with the audio team to profile, test and report bugs. We have an amazing QA team that value and treat each other as family, and it really showed me the value of good communication and planning within and across departments. I then had the opportunity to move into the Audio team, where I've since been able to work on almost all of the projects in development. It’s been great learning from the stellar audio team we have here and other departments throughout Frontier.