About Art

From the smallest dinosaur claw, to the Helix Nebula and everything in between! The Art Department is responsible for designing and creating all the visual aspects that breathe life into the games we make. We use a combination of in-house and third-party tools, along with Frontier’s own engine, to make amazingly authentic worlds. 

Our team comprises of the most talented, innovative and imaginative people from all over the world, who share our passion and drive to make the best games possible! In the art department, we have several specialisms which are: 

3D Artist

A 3D Artist models and textures the 2D concept designs into game-ready assets. This could be a small simple object or a huge settlement!

Concept Artist

A Concept Artist turns the vision into reality by creating early visual targets that help describe the tone, style, lighting etc. 

Character Artist

A Character Artist specialises in creating humans and creatures for all of our games. You could be creating a T-Rex one day, then working on a theme park mascot the next!


A Materials Artists creates both realistic and stylised materials to help push and unify the look of Frontier’s growing list of titles.


A VFX Artist creates a range of stunning effects, both realistic and stylised, to help make our games come to life.


A Lighting Artists delivers stunning and realistically lit environments that provide the feel and atmosphere to a scene.


A Technical Artist is a person that wears many hats! They are the bridge between Artists and Programmers that keep our technical and creative processes moving smoothly. 

We also have a number of specialised artists who focus on more specific areas within our pipeline. This could be a Terrain Expert generating a landscape for a dinosaur park, or a Foliage Artist creating the biome-specific plant needed for a zoo. Other specialities include Art Directors, Pipeline Artists and Benchmark Artists. These specialists really help us add that extra quality and grounding to our games, bringing a knowledge of expertise that is immeasurably valuable.

If you are an artist, we have lots of different opportunities to suit many types of practices, so tell us your specialism and discover your place here at Fron

Art Jobs (2)

  • 3D Character Artist

  • Materials Artists

    Cambridge / Hybrid