About Animation

At Frontier, we use animation to create believable worlds that engage players with fully authentic, life-like creatures and appealing characters. 

Our goal is to achieve industry leading quality in every one of our projects. Animators, Animation Coders, Riggers, and Technical Animators come together to use Frontier’s proprietary Cobra engine and animation tools to generate creative solutions to complex problems. Whether it’s the animal kingdom of Planet Zoo, the dinosaurs of our Jurassic World Evolution series, the coasters and rides of Planet Coaster, or the authentic and realistic pit mechanics of our F1® Manager series, our diverse portfolio allows animators to develop and apply their skills to a wide variety of styles.

We’re proud to have a talented and supportive team, built from a wide variety of backgrounds, who view collaboration and mutual artistic growth as a key component to our success. There are many career paths to follow in our Animation team, whether you prefer creating hand-keyed animation, working with motion-captured data, or developing animation rigs and tools. Whether you are just starting out, or you have been in the games industry for a while and looking for a refreshing new challenge, our animation team could be for you! 

Top Tips

  • Quality over quantity! We would rather see a clean, polished and finished portfolio over large numbers of nearly finished animation. 

  • We have a diverse range of games, so we like to see a mix of animation styles in a portfolio. We love to see strong creature work, but what we care about most is solid body mechanics and appealing character. 

  • A successful application will demonstrate not just the applicant’s high level of skill but also their willingness to learn, plus their ability to work in a team and solve problems. Beyond this, we also want to see people who show a passion for making games. Don’t be afraid to tell us why you want to work at Frontier, or what games of ours you like. Passion is a key part of our Frontier culture! 

Animation Jobs (2)

  • Lead 3D Animator

  • Principal Technical Animator

    Cambridge / Hybrid

Meet the team


Animation Programmer

Hi there! I'm John, and I work as an Animation Programmer at Frontier. That means I work closely with our team of animators and riggers to help turn what they create into what you see in the finished game – whether that's through maintaining our core animation pipeline, or creating new procedural animation technology to help adapt animations for different game situations.

I joined Frontier as a Graduate Programmer while completing my PhD in Computer Science in 2019. At first, I was working on the team delivering Planet Zoo, but soon switched focus to become part of the new Animation Technology team working across all our games. That means I've got to work on other exciting projects, including Planet Coaster, Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, and Jurassic World Evolution and Jurassic World Evolution 2!

The best thing about Frontier is the people who work here. Everyone is incredibly talented and helpful, and I've always known that my work is valued.



Hi, I'm Carla and I’m a Rigger at Frontier. I work as part of a small team of riggers that create each of the rigs (skeletons/controls/deformations) for each of the characters and creatures across Frontier's game portfolio. My role involves the creation of rigs, writing scripts to automate our pipeline, and working closely with the animation team to provide rigs or tools that are as user friendly as possible. Recently I managed a small team during the production of Jurassic World Evolution 2 and now I'm currently one of the people leading the development of our character rigs for our Warhammer Age of Sigmar RTS title.

I joined in 2018 as a Graduate Rigger and I am really enjoying my time at Frontier. I've had the opportunity to learn from incredible people and see projects like Planet Zoo and Jurassic World Evolution 2 come together from start to finish. The people at Frontier make it a great place to work and I'm happy to be a part of it!